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                                                  Matching planetary gear reducer to servo motor from cost and performance considerations
                                                  DATE:2018-9-4   VISITORS:633

                                                  With the "Made in China" trend, the development of industrial equipment is relatively fast. Servo motors, as the most common kinetic energy devices in industrial equipment, generally require high-precision applications from high torque and precision to high power. The high density makes the speed increase higher than 3000 rpm. Due to various factors such as performance, cost, equipment requirements, etc., the power density of the servo motor is greatly improved due to the increase in the rotational speed. It means that the servo motor needs to be decelerated with the planetary reducer. This paper describes the choice of planetary reducer through considerations such as cost and performance.

                                                  So, what kind of technical needs need to be equipped with planetary reducers?

                                                  1. In terms of cost, the servo motor supporting driver with a cost of 0.2KW is required to consume 1 unit of equipment cost. The 3KW servo motor supporting driver must consume 15 units of cost. If 0.2KW servo motor and driver are used, match A set of reducers can achieve the above-mentioned technical parameters that can be completed at a cost of 15 units, and the price fluctuates by more than 50% in operating costs.

                                                  2. In terms of performance, it is understood that the improper matching of the load inertia of the planetary reducer is one of the biggest reasons for the instability of the servo motor with the planetary reducer. For large load inertia, the inverse square of the reduction ratio can be used to match the optimal equivalent load inertia for the best control response. From this perspective, the planetary reducer is the best match for the control response of the servo application. The Yamaha Electrical Engineer will properly match the applicable planetary reducer according to the customer's specific application.

                                                  3. To increase his output torque and increase the torque of the planetary reducer, it is possible to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor. This method must use expensive and high-power servo motors. The motor must have a more powerful structure and torque. The increase in proportional ratio and the increase in control current requires the use of a relatively large driver, and the increase in the specifications of power electronic components and related electromechanical devices increases the cost of the control system. Therefore, the planetary reducer should be used according to the needs of use. Generally speaking, there are low speed, high torque and high power requirements in the operation of the machine. The absolute number is the planetary reducer.