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                                                  Stepper motor adapting reducer selection common misunderstanding
                                                  DATE:2018-9-4   VISITORS:647

                                                  When the stepping motor is used in applications where the speed requirement is not high and the torque is large, it is often necessary to adapt the motor to a suitable speed reducer. There are various gearboxes on the market: eccentric gearbox, HK standard planetary gearbox, HF precision planetary gearbox, worm gearbox. So how do you choose the right reducer for the motor? In the process of serving the customer, the stepping motor engineer of Shanshe summarized the common misunderstandings when selecting the stepping motor to adapt the reducer.

                                                  The correct selection step of the stepping motor: first determine the required speed, torque, accuracy, and then select the motor and speed ratio and the size of the motor with reference to the rated torque of the gearbox.

                                                  Mistakes in selection:

                                                  Not the greater the reduction ratio, the greater the output torque

                                                  The rated load (or rated torque) of the gearbox is the final output torque of the gearbox. In fact, the rated torque refers to the torque that the gearbox can withstand.

                                                  The greater the reduction ratio, the larger the output torque

                                                  If the motor can theoretically output 50N.m torque, some actually exceed 12N.m gearbox will be damaged.

                                                  The higher the speed ratio of the reduction box, the higher the output accuracy

                                                  Increasing the speed ratio does indeed subdivide the output angle, but the backlash (backlash) limits the accuracy

                                                  Metal gear is a good gearbox

                                                  Powder metallurgy is also a metal gear, but the consistency is poor, and high-quality plastic steel gear can reduce the noise. The noise of the stepping motor is mainly from the gearbox. In fact, the low speed jitter of the stepper motor can also cause noise.

                                                  If the torque is not enough in use, it is necessary to change the speed reducer with a higher speed ratio. In addition to paying attention to the rated torque of the gearbox, also pay attention to the torque of the stepper motor.

                                                  The company's stepper motor series products have a planetary stepper motor series with a good reducer. We have engineering to provide selection support to help customers avoid various misunderstandings in the selection process.