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                                                  Shan Tou Zhi Kong Da Co., Ltd.
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                                                  Company Profile
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                                                  Company Overview

                                                  Shan Tou Zhi Kong Da Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015 and is an automation high-tech enterprise with complete independent innovation capability. The company specializes in the development, production and sales of motion control products. The main products include: stepper motor and driver, servo motor and driver, motion control card and so on. Its products are widely used in advertising spray carving, electronic equipment, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other industries, with its stable performance, quality service in the industry enjoys an excellent reputation.

                                                  The company has a professional team consisting of R&D elites, sales elites, industry problem solving experts, and production quality experts. Its core members have more than 5 years of experience in the industry. In the fiercely competitive current market, we are tireless, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “scientific innovation, quality first, service first”, constantly launch new products to meet market demand, and respond to customers with warm, professional and efficient services. Demand to create maximum benefits and convenience for our customers as our core values!


                                                  Company team

                                                  At present, there are 55 employees in the company, including 7 departments, including 1 general manager, 2 general managers, 5 R&D departments, 13 marketing departments, and 30 production centers (16 production, 8 quality departments, 4 people in the warehouse, 2 people in the PMC, 2 in the quality inspection, and 2 in the personnel department.


                                                  Company product introduction and production process

                                                  1. At present, the company's product line includes: all-digital stepper drive, stepper motor, simple servo, motion control system. Hybrid stepper drivers include: DM420, DM542, DM556, DM860, HB3722. Closed-loop stepper drives include HBS657, HB860H, HB860MB and more. Stepper motors include: two-phase hybrid stepper motors 42, 57, 86, 110 series; three-phase hybrid stepper motors: 86, 110, 130, 150 and other series...

                                                  2. The company's production process. The company's product production adopts the "combination mode of external processing and internal production inspection of important components", strictly implements the safety production requirements, and resolutely and meticulously implements each production step and link, requiring each product to undergo strict quality inspection. It can be shipped to ensure zero failure after leaving the factory.

                                                  In the production process, the company adheres to 7 steps: 1. Strict and regular raw material supply chain; 2. Inspection of all incoming materials; 3. Fixed-size patch processors; 4. Strict production process; 5. Full-aging products ; 6, full-product test; 7, inventory into the warehouse.



                                                  Zhikong has always regarded the products as the backbone of the company, strong technical force, strict quality inspection procedures, and perfect management system to make our products highly praised by customers. In addition, our company implements a humanized product system, promises to customers that all products are subject to a one-year free warranty service, and provide customers with free technical advice and services for life.

                                                  Not only that, in order to provide customers with the fastest after-sales service, so that customers can quickly obtain high-quality products, we have developed more than a dozen offices and agents throughout the country, product services covering major cities in the country.


                                                  Zhi Kong--Looking forward to your communication and cooperation!